About me

Hi My name is Connor, I am 20 years old, Born in Scotland with a driven passion for digital multimedia. ​At my young age I am still to follow a career in a specific medium but have been revelling in the opportunity to experience all corners of what media has to offer.
I was raised with a creative eye and have only let that creativity flourish as I have grown. My interest in media began with Photography in high school. On the occasion I was complimented on a photograph that I would take but never thought much of it. I was pursuing an education in physics and engineering until I happened to buy a second hand Canon 400D. The photographer sold it to me at a cheap price in a bundle with multiple lenses. From there my interest began to grow alongside my interest and passion for the medium. I went to college where I studied my HNC in photography and the summer I graduated, went to summer school at the royal conservatoire of Scotland to study film. ​
My intrigue for film began long before I went to summer school but it exploded after I went. The people I met and the experience I gained was substantial, especially for the short period I was there. I have since worked on smaller film projects with friends and acquaintances, primarily working on video production and editing. My universal experience in digital editing for both stills and moving picture is vast but I wish to continue growing it.
As I have grown to learn, understand and love photography and cinematography, one thing that I have always had a passion for is graphic design and visual communication. From using photoshop and Pageplus for the first time, to becoming adept in Premiere Pro: I have always had a passion for visual communication. During my first year in graphic communication I learnt how to create 3D models and use Desktop publishing software. Since then, I have continued to expand my knowledge in commissions, work experience and even after work hours I would implement my knowledge as a tool in other hobbies.
I feel photography and Cinematography are unified with graphic design in this unique digital bond which is why I adore all three subjects equally. Understanding one allows you to understand the other and it is why I continue to study all of these fields. 

Prior Experience

Childrens Short Stories with Susi Briggs 2010
Filmed and Edited two short story readings by local author Susi Briggs for the Scots Hoose Website.

Le Mans Posters 2019
Resized and Increased the posters for client by redesigning them from scratch.

Web Design for Hotels in Gatehouse of Fleet 2019
Redesigned and updated websites for two hotels in Gatehouse of Fleet, Providing new photo, video and graphic content to bring the websites to a modern standard.

Poker Society 2019
Logo designer for Glasgow Universities Poker Society

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Summer School Course 2018
Filmed, edited and produced a short film in a team based excersise. Participated in all areas of film production to learn how each role works and benefits the team. 

Go-Fund me promotion for actor Gary Lewis 2018
Captured, edited and produced a wide range of promotional content looking to crowd-source funds for a local Nursery in Kirkcudbright. Worked closely with client Gary Lewis to provide photos, videos and promotional graphics.

Edward Shamash Memorial Trophy Kirkcudbright Academy 2017
Trophy above was awarded for devotion to service of others in school and the public.

KAM Magazine 2017
Head and sole editor for Kirkcudbright Academy Magazine 2017. Designing magazine from scratch, also acting liason with the printing company which produced and sold over 300 copies.

Rotary young photographers competition 2015-2016
Winner of the Rotary young photographers Competition for two years running. 


Edinburgh College of Art 2018-2019
Fine Art Photography (1 year of 4 year BA)
Dumfries College 2017-2018
Photography (HNC), Final Grade: B
Kirkcudbright Academy:

Art and Design (HIGHER), Grade: A
Photography (HIGHER), Grade: A
Graphic Communication (ADVANCED HIGHER), Grade: B

AUGUST 2016 
Graphic Communication (HIGHER), Grade: B
English (HIGHER), Grade: C
Mathematics (HIGHER), Grade: C
Physics (HIGHER), Grade: C
Design and Manufacture (HIGHER), Grade: D

AUGUST 2015 
Design and Manufacture (NAT5), Grade: A
Mathematics (NAT5), Grade: A
English (NAT5), Grade: B
Physics (NAT5), Grade: C